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D&D London

A sophisticated tech solution

40+ websites work together to provide a sophisticated tech solution for our partner of 10 years D&D London.

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The Challenge

D&D’s restaurants occupy some of the most iconic locations in the UK and America. Their estate is vast, and each restaurant is a unique concept, with an independent brand.

Our challenge was to create an integrated website platform that allows each website to feel unique, whilst being cost effective and controlled centrally.

Unique & Templated

We categorised the restaurants by positioning, and created a series of flexible templates to suit their requirements. The sites are designed to allow for each restaurant to apply their brand, with bespoke areas for creative flair and unique design elements. The templated approach is not only a cost saving move, it allows for each restaurant to benefit from the collective insights of the group. This approach saved time and money, and has led to higher performances across all restaurant websites.

Truly integrated - a unique approach

The websites are completely integrated and controlled from one central CMS. Update an event on the group site, and it appears across the relevant restaurant websites automatically. The same with menus, blogs, private events and contact details. Integrated tagging systems ensure no duplicate content, and significant time savings.

One CMS to rule them all

Control the entire website platform from one login, and one CMS. Allowing complete control from central office.

Tiered CMS levels allow for different access levels according to management level, allowing for restaurants to operate independently from central office. And training guides are integrated into the system to allow for easy use and knowledge sharing.

A beautiful restaurant group website

The central hub of this website infrastructure is the D&D London group website. We gave the brand a complete facelift that positions D&D as the most exclusive and exciting restaurant group in the UK.

This website is truly a shop window for their collective of brands, a portal to explore the finest restaurants across the UK and beyond.


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