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Drake & Morgan

The power of an imaginative concept

A powerful Spring campaign, with an imaginative floral-concept, that delivered some serious results

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“Ignite understands what makes the Drake & Morgan brand so special and they know how to translate my vision into powerful, creative campaigns. The advertising concepts that Ignite produce are not only incredibly imaginative, and executed to stunning effect, but they drive real results to the business too.”

Jillian MacLean MBE, Founder & CEO of Drake & Morgan


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Springing from page to screen

Drake & Morgan, one of the UK’s best-loved bar groups, wanted a fresh and original spring campaign, to breathe life back into the brand and capture imaginations. They also needed to entice people back into bars.
Inspired by Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s novel 'Language of Flowers', we developed a campaign concept based on the Victorian tradition of using flowers to convey secret messages.
We loved this idea for Drake & Morgan, as their brand is all about beauty, playfulness and little touches. Beautiful blooms adorn their bars - and their cocktails! - so it seemed like a perfect fit.

Letting the concept bloom

We developed a striking aesthetic - deliberately departed from ‘typical’ bar and restaurant creative.
Using abstract floral motifs in vivid colours brings both beauty and romance. The intent upon capturing people’s imagination - introducing them to a whimsical new world and helping them to re-discover what makes Drake and Morgan special.

Finding meaning in your mood

Every flower has a hidden meaning and every emotion has a potion.
Instead of recommending drinks randomly, we suggested drinks based on people’s mood in our ‘Emotion to Potion’ online game. By gauging people’s emotions, we offered a bespoke touch and a personalised drink, designed to delight the senses.
Our game had nearly 20,000 plays - twice what we had anticipated - and a 70% conversion rate!

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