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8 Ways To Make Hospitality Sustainable

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21st February 2019


Last week, we introduced Ignite’s newest team, MAKO, with a blog all about going greener at work. Adopting sustainable practices will make your business more efficient, cut costs, while helping the environment – so what are you waiting for?

In Part II of MAKO’s blog, we bring you some helpful tips and tricks to extend the life of your belongings, and this beautiful planet of ours.

Stop and Think

How far did this bottle of water travel to get to me? Has this meat been sourced from ethical and organic farmers? Was this fish caught with sustainable fishing practices? Is this coffee Fair Trade? Your customers are asking these questions – you should be too.

Consider a more plant-based offering

Providing attractive, plant-based menu items is now a must, as savvy guests turn their noses up at “afterthought” vegan/veggie options. It’s especially important when you consider that eating or serving plant-based food can cut your carbon footprint by 73%.

Buy local

Sourcing your produce or stock from local, single vendors cuts costs in packaging, transportation and administrative resources. The UK imports three-quarters of produce we are able to make or grow at home – something to think about next time you buy strawberries from Spain or a bathroom candle from California! Your money talks – wield that buying power wisely!

Eliminate Single-Use Plastic

Single-use plastic is designed to use once, but lasts forever. Every minute of every day, the equivalent of one truckload of plastic enters the sea, and 91% of the world’s plastic isn’t recycled. From refillable water bottles to compostable cutlery, don’t waste money on stock that might soon go the way of plastic straws. And don’t forget to re-use, and buy used! Thrift stores, eBay, and Freecycle are your friends.

Waste less

No-waste restaurants are climbing to new gastronomic heights on the UK restaurant scene (here’s our pick of the best). From cordials to compost, gourmets in the know are choosing sustainable restaurants that fear bins the way the rest of us dread Central Line delays.

Avoid packaging

Amid news that the UK will begin taxing producers who fail to use enough recycled material, buying eco-conscious products will soon be kinder to your bank balance as well as the environment. Keep an eye out for products packaged in card and paper, which are biodegradable, rather than plastic – it’ll be second nature in no time. 

Print Less

It’s estimated that around 10 trees are felled every year, just to maintain an average office employee’s paper use. How many more go just for the sake of daily menus? Print double-sided, use eco-friendly ink, or don’t print at all; blackboards are so on trend.

Turn Off Your Appliances

Reducing the preheating time on your oven to 15 minutes can save up to 60% of the energy used in cooking. Households in the UK waste nearly £100 a year leaving tech on standby, and the same waste is happening at work. Choose multi-functional devices, share electronic equipment, switch to a supplier that uses renewable energy, and watch your bills plummet!

Bonus tip: Appreciate the outdoors! Spend time outside to appreciate nature and be reminded of the riches we have… and what’s at risk.

Do you have any tips for others in kitchens and the hospitality industry to be more green? Want to discuss how we can help you to go greener? Get in touch today.

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