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​​Ignite and KAM Collaborate to Uncover Customer Preferences for Loyalty Programmes

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PRESS RELEASE: ​​Ignite and KAM Collaborate to Uncover Customer Preferences for Loyalty Programmes Ignite, a leading hospitality marketing agency, and…

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TOP 10 TIPS: how to get the most out of your CRM platform

I know when it comes to CRM, there’s a lot to think about so I’m here to help you break…

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Vans Pride Campaign

All Aboard The Allyship

Photo credit: Vans/Pride Americas Every June, you may notice that your social media feeds are awash with all the colours…

Ignite at Twenty

Our Founder & CEO, Paul, reflects on two decades in digital & looks to the next twenty years.   Twenty…

Hospitality Rising Tackles The Recruitment Crisis

The ongoing recruitment crisis facing the hospitality industry needs no introduction. First it impacted plans for the post-Covid ‘return to…

why video wins on social media

Why Video Wins on Social Media

It’s no exaggeration to say that Social Media defines the way we communicate and how we consume content online. And…

A Taste of TikTok

We can hear the sound of eyeballs rolling as you open this. You’re probably sick of hearing about how traditional…

outrunners charity event

Ignite partners with Outrunners Youth Charity

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with Outrunners. A local charity based in Hackney, which started as a running…