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Fix Up Look Sharp: Top portfolio tips for designers

Digital, Creative

16th November 2020


Our new Ignite rebrand and portfolio refresh got us thinking… showcasing your work to great effect takes effort – and can make or break your chances of winning that big client or dream job. Fix Up Look Sharp – here’s our top portfolio tips for designers.

  • Portfolio: Make sure to get yourself a portfolio website on an easy to type URL. Your site needs to load fast, work well and have no dead links.
  • Bio: Make you sure write a good bio and take a decent profile picture. Ensure these are consistent across all of your social channels.
  • Case studies: Write your case study out in a doc first, as this will help you craft the narrative and structure: the brief / your process / your solution.
  • Keep it concise: Make sure you keep to the point and ideally around 100 words per section. This will make it easy to read and digest each section.
  • Imagery: Back up your case study with well illustrated and contextually appropriate imagery of your work – include sketches and thinking.
  • Mockups: Dial back on the mockups. We see a lot of these, and whilst nice they’re often overly used to hide a poor concept. Mock-ups should be used to help enhance your good ideas.
  • Animation: A little movement goes a long way! Help your work stand out by integrating animation and bringing it to life.
  • Spelling: I cannot stress enough the importance of spelling – mistakes look lazy and careless. Always double check your work!
  • Personal work: Personal projects demonstrate your passion for this field, but keep personal content at 20% or below. 80% of your portfolio should be client work.
  • Curation: Curate the pieces you include. 6-8 is a good number.
  • Evolve: Consider your portfolio a work in progress. Do the heavy lifting and get the work out there. You can continue to evolve and tweak after.
  • Look to the future: Design for the role you want, not the one you necessarily have! Does the work make you proud? Do you want to do more of this work?

We’re always interested in fresh ideas, cool creative and nurturing upcoming design talent. Please follow Ignite and DM us your work or anything you might have seen that’s caught your eye.

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