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Ignite partners with Outrunners Youth Charity

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21st July 2021


We’re absolutely thrilled to announce our partnership with Outrunners. A local charity based in Hackney, which started as a running group and have branched out to do all sorts of wonderful things in the local area.

“Our aim is to create an equal Hackney, where everyone is included and no-one is left behind”.
Tyler Williams-Green, founder

Equal opportunity is an issue we are battling with as an agency, as the marketing world is woefully underrepresented by people of different economic and racial backgrounds. It’s a cause close to our hearts – and we’ve been undertaking a number of initiatives recently to combat it.

outrunners charity event

One of these is with Outrunners, who work with young people in schools across Hackney. We’ve just completed a two-month online digital training course, taking seven young people through an intensive course: ‘How to create knock out campaigns’. They were an absolute delight and came up with some killer ideas.

The group of kids we took through our online course absolutely killed it – some incredible talent and fresh ideas” Sam Trainor Buckingham, MD, Ignite.

This August we’re running a two day sprint programme at Ignite’s offices, where we have twelve young people being taken through our SPRINT course. From conception to completion, they’ll be working across our teams to create cut through campaigns for one of our clients. 

outrunners coaches

Many of us grew up in Hackney, or have lived there, and it’s where Ignite’s first office was based – so Outrunners felt like the perfect fit. This will be an ongoing partnership, and we’re excited to see where it takes us. See more info on Outrunners Charity.

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