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An online game to recruit new users

An innovative and fun tech solution for this premium-casual brand that generated an unbelievable return on investment

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“An unbelievable 31,000 game plays and 23,000 signups completely shattered our initial expectations. Engagement and results were simply staggering!”

Naomi Davies, CMO Ignite



The Challenge

Carluccio’s, the premium-casual Italian restaurant group, needed a new and innovative way to drive cover volume. The market was tough and new customer acquisition was key. A creative solution was needed…

The Solution

Build a fun but brilliantly simple online game which generates restaurant vouchers as prizes. Add the ability for the game to be reused again and again for future campaigns to maximise bang for buck.

Innovation in voucher distribution

We built a Carluccio’s branded microsite where people “scratched off” a panel to reveal a prize (hint: everyone was a winner). The element of ‘gamification’ makes what is, essentially, a voucher distribution platform more engaging for consumers, which means they’re more likely to play again and share with their friends too.


The “scratch off” mechanism was designed to be simple. Simple to play and simple to re-purpose for other campaigns too, without re-coding the site. Carluccio’s was able to use the same game across two menu launch campaigns, with only the prizes and seasonal branding needing to be updated.

Automated Integrations

We integrated the game with Carluccio’s voucher provider Eagle Eye and CRM system Fishbowl so that the prize details could display on-screen immediately and automatically trigger a redemption email. The chances of winning different prizes were controlled with an algorithm so we could ensure a commercially viable split between the higher and lower value prices.


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