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D&D London

An app for London’s most prolific restaurants

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An app to simplify booking and drive sales

D&D London approached us to design and develop an app for them. The primary goals were to drive sales, further brand loyalty and simply their booking process. Having worked with D&D London for many years, we had the advantage of knowing both the client and target audience comprehensively. This allowed us greater focus on the UX side of the project, plotting every possible route and scenario.

Wireframing UX and scenarios

A large portion of the project was dedicated to wireframing. App users are looking for one thing when they load an app, an easy journey from A to B. If they want to book a table at their favourite restaurant, they want to do so in as fewer taps as possible. If they need to sign up, sign in or check out, the process needs to feel simple, fluid and natural.

Familiarity is another key aspect to utilise. Don't reinvent the wheel. Apps are habitual in many aspects. Expanded navs have a universal icon. Fixed navs and footers are commonplace that allow pages to only ever be a few taps away. Date selection in a D.O.B field of a form is standard. By leaning into what users already know, it allowed us to consider and solve lesser known scenarios, having numerous users using one account for example. If a PA needed access to book a table, the ability to have pre-loaded payment details is key. Similarly, the ability to amend details needed thought so the app can evolve with the user's needs. The D&D app always feels expansive and never restrictive.

An adaptable user journey

App design differs from web design. Apps literally ask questions of the user. Permissions play a pivotal role in this and influenced our thinking whilst plotting the project. Can the D&D app have permission to use your location? Can the D&D app send you pop up notifications of an approaching booking? The answers to these questions present various results.

Each of these reveal scenarios that cater for the user’s response and yet are still reversible. Someone may decline the app’s permission request to use their location whilst looking for a restaurant. The app must be responsive enough to present a solution, whist still offering the possibility to backtrack and change their mind. Finality is avoided at all costs. If the user declines, the app offers a solution that filters by characteristic, e.g. what's best for brunch or live music. Option consideration was key during this wireframing process. Leave the door open to search all venues, allow the user to search by postcode. Never make the user feel restricted or punished for their decision. The ability to change your mind makes for an expansive app and a relaxed user experience. Nothing is final, nothing is finite.

Accounting for different outcomes was a key when looking at the booking process. There are many variables in play in need of consideration. When booking a table for instance. Is the restaurant open that day? Is there a table free available at that time? What alternative solutions does the app offer if this isn’t the case? How does the booking and payment journey look if you are signed in or signed out? Plotting for ever eventuality allowed us to design an app that always offers a solution and is free of dead ends.

Heading into design

As wireframing was so detailed, the design process was relatively straightforward. Having previously rebranded and designed the D&D London website, we were well positioned to implement the brand. Beautiful and simplistic iconography was created to both fit the brand, and work on a practical level. the icons are instantly recognisable and their minimal styling makes them legible at a small scale.

Gaining approvable from the app stores was another key consideration. The Design and Development teams worked closely to ensure that all boxes were ticked. Rigorous testing was also undertaken to ensure the app was pixel perfect both on Apple and Android devices.

App shop functionality

As part of phase two of the project, we introduced in-app shop functionality. The shop includes experiences, gift cards and much more. Previously D&D London's shop had existed on a separate URL to the group site. Merging these two aspects and streamlining the process means that finding all things D&D London has never been easier.

Download and explore the app for yourself.
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