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D&D London

E-Commerce Platform for D&D London

Transforming D&D London’s offering into a E-Commerce success story, with incredible returns.

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“Ignite have recently launched Fuse, an E-Commerce platform for hospitality. For results like this, get in touch. ”


Return on ad spend

An integrated digital ecosystem that continually optimises

Leveraging D&D’s lifestyle brand, we created a custom e-commerce shop that allows D&D to sell gift vouchers, restaurant experiences and ticketed events.

This is supported by a digital marketing campaign that is always running in the background. The campaign drives consumers to the shop to make digital purchases that are 100% trackable, and ongoing optimisations to the shop ensure we maximise revenue.

Advanced shop features - to maximise returns

The D&D shop is beautifully designed, but it's the hidden features that have driven real success. There’s clever upselling and cross selling of products throughout the site, with discount code and promotional offers available when needed. Whilst the ability for users to quickly login and repeat orders provides a seamless experience.

For users who start to buy and ‘abandon their basket’, follow up emails are automatically sent to re-engage them. And when they return to the site, Persistent Cart Cookies ensure the products are ready and waiting.

Power in the hands of D&D

The shop is built to put D&D in the driving seat. A powerful central management system allows them to control all aspects of the shop. Upload content easily, upload special offers, run attractive discount sales, easy handling of voucher redemptions and a useful stock control integration.

The shop's performance is monitored through a central reporting panel, and integration into their CRM strategy ensures maximum use of data.

Advertising & distribution: always on

The marketing campaign adopts an advanced funnel strategy. Social brand led adverts fill the top of the funnel attracting new and existing customers to the shop. Customers who visit the shop but don’t convert are targeted with remarketing adverts and Facebook Dynamic ads, pulling them back to the shop to make a purchase.

This is supported by a powerful Search PPC campaign, and is synced in with the ongoing CRM - converting one time purchasers into loyal D&D shoppers.

A self funded model

The results speak for themselves with monthly returns of 75x investment, but the beauty of the model is its completely self funded. A small percentage of the revenues generated go back into ongoing optimisation of the site and campaign. These are all factored into the returns, which continue to increase month on month.


revenue during first month


CTR on Google Ads


ROAS on all advertising


ROAS on Facebook Dynamic retargeting