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Cafe Murano

Small investment drives big results

Smart targeting and powerful creative led to incredible results on a low budget.


1.1 Million

Advert impressions

The challenge

Run a successful summer campaign for Angela Hartnett’s Italian restaurant group and demonstrate clear Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Advertising budget was limited, but we still needed big results.

The solution

We conceptualised a campaign with one very simple goal: showcase the incredible food and uncompromising ingredients at Cafe Murano. Bring this to life with a powerful design concept, and intelligent targeting to maximise ROI.

Exceptional photography

With the product centre-stage we needed exceptional content. We styled and directed a photography shoot, ensuring the right mix of finished dishes and simple ingredients.

Shot outside in the sunshine with Angela Hartnett herself preparing the food, the result is mouth-watering and romantic, evoking the very best ‘Elements of Summer’.

Photography by Maria Bell –

Intelligent targeting to maximise returns

We amplified the campaign across social media - utilising a mixture of owned databases, lookalike audiences and careful geographical targeting to maximise revenue.

Delivering the campaign to previously engage audiences, and those most likely to be interested - we focussed the campaign specifically on conversions.

This approach resulted in more than £25k of booking revenue directly from the campaign.


Return on ad spend


Online bookings


Revenue generated

1.1 Million

Advert impressions