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A hypnotic launch for a new dimension of gin

Foraged fynbos from an ancient land, carried on the beak of the malachite sunbird. A biosphere in a bottle, lands in London.

  • Advertising Campaign

  • Digital Marketing

  • Websites

  • Branding & Strategy

  • Photography & Video

  • Design & Animation

The Brief

To create a brand positioning, website and launch campaign for a new South African fynbos gin launching into the UK.

The Challenge

Our challenge was launching a new gin into a fiercely competitive market where consumers are spoilt for choice. With over 800 active gin distilleries and an extensive set of international favourites, standing out was no easy task.

The Insight

Malachite’s fynbos botanicals come from the Cape Floral Kingdom, the smallest and most biodiverse of Earth’s six floral kingdoms, where the plants are so rare, big and beautiful they look out of this world. Two-thirds of the plant species are endemic, and can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. It’s an ancient landscape full of mystery - an alien world to Londoners.

The Solution

We chose to focus on the alien aspect of the insight by mesmerising Londoners with hypnotic, other worldly visuals. Our creative exploration took the real shapes, sounds, and colours of the landscape and used AI to build a window to an abstract, alien world of botanicals representative of the ancient mystery of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

The result is a distinctive look and feel, activated across website and socials, with an advertising launch campaign set to go live. Watch this space.

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