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History & Heritage – Designed for Today

Our new website for Porto’s design-led hotel, The Rebello, brings to life the spirit of a new hotel with an old soul.

  • Copywriting

  • Brand Strategy

  • Websites

  • Design & Animation

Daring to do things differently.

The Rebello breaks the mould of traditional, 5-star hotels. Encompassing 25,000 square feet, with seven factories merged into one architectural and experiential vision, this unique venue is deeply connected to its history and traditions.

In order to honour the brand, the hotel, and the location, we had to dig deep into the essence of the project: this meant using strategy as starting point to craft the whole user journey around the website. From the sitemap to the tone of voice and the copywriting, everything had to feel and sound authentic. Adopting a content-first approach, we designed every section with copy and imagery, using the brand look and feel to convey the mix of old and new.

A curated responsive experience.

The responsiveness of the website was one of the main priorities of the process. Each website breakpoint was thoughtfully planned for a consistent experience across mobile devices - especially when performing key actions, like booking apartments or additional services.

Enhanced storytelling.

With such a rich history, it was crucial to craft The Rebello's stories to bring them to life with the care they deserved. We collaborated closely with our client-partner and the architects to make sure their tone of voice was reflected in the stories they were telling about the hotel itself. Each header, call to action, and block of copy was carefully planned and considered during the wireframe stage.

Photography by Francisco Nogueira

The Result

The result is a beautifully designed, thoughtfully built, intuitive evocation of the brand. It's a shopfront and booking hub, while also being a vignette about the local community and its rich history.

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