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Cafe Murano

A website to elevate a brand

A beautiful website that delivered 10% uplift in conversions

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increase in menu views due to improved UX

The Challenge

Angela Hartnett’s Italian restaurant group needed a major website design upgrade. A brand with serious style and a high profile name at the helm, it had to be flawless.

Our Solution

A confident design and commitment to simplicity put the product centre stage. Meticulous UX planning, using data gleaned from years of advertising for the group, ramped up conversions.


Cafe Murano is dedicated to quality & simplicity. Their rigour and commitment to sourcing only the very best ingredients from top suppliers underpins everything. We reflected this uncompromising approach by letting the ingredients, seasons and suppliers shine.

The seasonal stories at the fore of the website echo the restaurant menus and the messaging we use across social media.

Beauty in simplicity

Confident use of white space and a simple layout allows the photography to take centre stage. No special effects or animations were needed - this design was an exercise in restraint. The overall effect is elegant and modern, without being austere, and lets the food do the talking.

A site built on data

We overhauled the site structure and UX completely. After 3 years running search PPC and social advertising for the group, we knew exactly what website users wanted to find.

Creative focus, and key information were driven by data, with key actions prominent and easy to find. With a particular focus on mobile, the conversion rate increased an impressive 10%.


website conversion rate for bookings


menu views due to improved UX


organic traffic due to advanced SEO implementation