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Style & substance for Pho’s new website

Award winning websites don’t compromise on form or function; see how we made the brand sing whilst increasing conversions +60%

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“Working with Ignite to build our website was a breeze - they understood the brief from start to finish and handled any "curve balls" with a great attitude. I am really proud of the whole project.”

Libby Andrews, Marketing Director, Pho


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The challenge

As Pho expanded across the UK, they needed a website that could match their ambitions. We were challenged to develop a site that drives bookings, reflects the independent nature of the restaurants, and brings the brand story to life.

The solution

Unlock the power of Pho’s brand with a powerful conceptual design route, combine that with meticulous UX planning and clever use of technology in a simple to use and easy to navigate site.

Discovering Vietnam - powerful brand strategy

Phở is more than a bowl of soup, it’s an obsession - the soul of a nation. Inspired by the founders’ travels to Vietnam, the website had to occupy the energy and vibrancy of Vietnamese food.

The website feels alive, with interactive animations, load effects, integrated videos and clever use of illustrations to bring depth to the site.

Informed plan built around core customer needs

With more restaurant locations, an increased focus on bookings and a wealth of nutritional information to categorise, we needed a slick UX to allow people to find and engage with the content properly.

Thorough keyword research and user-journey planning informed a comprehensive SEO strategy, sitemap and page wireframes. The result - a website that not only looks great but delivers +60% conversions too.

Dynamic location pages

Each restaurant has its own bespoke area, with essential restaurant information featured. Optimised to ensure users looking for their local Pho on Google, find their local Pho - these ‘landing pages’ are websites in their own right.

This localised approach and emphasis on each restaurant is a powerful strategy to combat the issues growing brands face in continuing to reflect the independent nature of each of their sites.

Interactive menu

A core feature of any restaurant website is its food. For Pho we developed a bespoke interactive menu that allows users to filter by category as well as food requirements.

With tailored images to each menu category, a clear UX and dedicated pages explaining food types - it has become central to the website and the ongoing marketing strategy.


Conversion Rate


RMI Awards: Best New Website 2018