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Rhubarb Hospitality Collective

A new website for the iconic Sky Garden

We were approached to design the new website for Sky Garden, one of the capital's newest and most impressive landmarks.

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Accommodating widespread appeal and demand through accessible, flexible design

Offering Corporate and Private Hire, event spaces and terrace dining, Sky Garden boasts London's highest public garden. This iconic viewpoint is must visit to City tourists and residents alike. In other words, Sky Garden offers many different things to many people.

Users span from far travelling tourists, to life long Londoners. From event managers looking for the perfect space to host a benefit evening, to a family wanting to celebrate in style. Whether you are a keen yogi enjoying a class before sun rise, or a night owl burning the midnight oil, chances are you can do it at Sky Garden. Creating a single website that accommodated this broad spectrum of demographic was our challenge.

An image led site with a simplistic user flow

The need to cater for numerous different user languages, cultures and needs meant that hyper visual, simplified UX journeys were essential to the success of the Sky Garden site. Photographic cues helped to make the site intuitive and easy to filter and navigate. It was also a fantastic way to showcase the venue's setting, with its 360-degree view of the city, landscaped gardens and spectacular food & drinks.

Creating conversions through clear booking pathways

As Sky Garden is a tourist attraction, public park, dining venue and a host of corporate events, there are many ways in which the user could and would book a visit. We worked with pre-existing booking systems, segregating each booking journey. By discovering the purpose for the user's visit early, the site sends them down a clear, simple, and most importantly, relevant booking process. Each path is bespoke to a particular need or want. If you are booking a table, you are only presented with essential steps and information. No additional filtering is needed.

We mapped the site in a way that simplifies a hub that offers so much, whilst adhering to security considerations that a landmark such as this requires. By mapping journeys for every scenario separately, we ensure that the user can book a visit quickly and efficiently. The Sky Garden website offers clear options in order to streamline conversions.