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Blick Hamburg

A concept-led brand for a unique multi-F&B venue

We took our long-term relationship with Marriott Intl. to the next level by branding their newest F&B concept in Europe: a large space dominating the 8th floor of the iconic Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg

- a stunning feat of architecture home not only to the Philharmonic Orchestra, but to a Westin hotel and multiple F&B spaces.

  • Advertising Campaign

  • Branding & Strategy

  • Photography & Video

  • Design & Animation

Hanseatic inspiration

The brief was stimulating as much as challenging: developing a creative concept, name, brand narrative and visual identity that encompass various elements: the location on the harbour, the history of the building itself, the musical aspect, the geo-historical context and the connection with nature. And so we did.

The solution

With this strong musical connection and the harsh elements of the harbour, we explored the concept of soundscapes: we recorded actual sounds from the harbour, the natural elements (sea and wind) and the Elbphilharmonie which we translated visually into soundscapes.

The sounds of Hamburg

The result is a distinct pattern that is used across each touchpoint and which emphasises the connection with the Elbphilharmonie, the elements and the classical music.

This space had been envisioned with multiple areas: coffee counter, cocktail bar, champagne foyer and events space.
To reflect this aspect the soundwave was made of different segments, each representing a specific area.

The name Blick, “view” in German is a nod to the spectacular 360 views from this space whilst The B with the cut-trough aims to replicate the same position of the 8th floor on the building itself, creating a visual analogy of the “view of the harbour”

The brand’s symphony

The colour palette also plays an important part in the brand architecture, helping identify all the different spaces - cocktail bar, coffee counter and VIP area - while the use of music sheets grid to compose typography on collaterals such as menus, flyers and posters added an extra depth to the brand application in-situ.

This branding project made such an impact with guests and Marriott alike that Ignite are the lead branding agency for their F&B projects across Europe, and we're working on branding some of the most incredible and iconic locations in major cities including Paris, Berlin & Milan.

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