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Marriott Hotel Porte de Monaco

Inception-to-wow concept development

French riviera meets the coastal surf paradise of Marin county, in this bright and colourful brand for Bolinas — Marriott Hotel Porte De Monaco F&B offering.

  • Branding & Strategy

  • Photography & Video

  • Design & Animation

  • Social & Influencers

One venue, multiple souls

A flagship concept for Marriott, the core challenge with Bolina’s was to develop a brand strategy that covered multiple areas - the bar, restaurant, lounge, terrace & pool.
The vision - to create an urban oasis, a stone's throw from Monaco’s concrete jungle. A venue that reflected the atmosphere and soul of Bolinas in California.

A bohemian, flexible & colourful brand

We developed an illustrative approach to this unique brand. Heavily inspired by both natural botanical forms and organic beach/oceanic shapes.
This style, whilst both vibrant and colourful, proved extremely flexible. Slightly different shifts in both palette and illustration allowed each area within Bolinas to have its own unique identity.

It's all in the details

This striking graphic style was balanced out with clean, elegant typography.
Employing luxurious print finishes, such as gold foiling on the menus, helped maintain the balance between bold and elegant.

Wish you were here

The sun-drenched bohemian aesthetic was also captured in the photography brief we created for the client. Intended to capture both the wanderlust and FOMO of the viewer and draw them into the world of Bolinas