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Launching a new product category

Successful launch of a completely new product, a category defining drink

  • Branding & Strategy

  • Design & Animation

The challenge

There was no product, no recipe, no real brief - just a guy with a dream to bring back mead and make it the biggest drink in the UK.

Mead as a category doesn’t really exist. There are no rules to say how to drink it, what strength it should be or what it should look like. The only certainty is that it’s alcohol made from honey. That’s it.

Re-imagining Mead for a new generation

A drink first consumed 4000 years ago, and more recently enjoyed to Game Of Thrones or at The Three Broomsticks.

To date, Mead based products have operated in this space, but we saw a unique opportunity to re-invent Mead as a modern luxury product for a new generation.

From intensive research, immersion, testing and ideation - we’ve developed a completely new category with a powerful concept-led drink that is beginning to make waves across the UK.

A product worthy of its title

Working with Loxwood, we appointed a tasting team with specialists from across the drinks industry. Guided by insights from the competitor set, and market insight, 52 tastings later we have a unique taste that has been met with rave reviews.

Powerful brand strategy

The brand is luxurious and chic, whilst being vibrant and open. It needed to spearhead a new category, positioning Mead as a premium English wine.

Whilst essentially a disrupter, the brand is intentionally positioned as a market leader - a sophisticated and mature offering for discerning customers.

Superior bottle design

The bottle had to be a talking point, a stand out. It had to represent not only the liquid inside, but also the emotional experience of the brand - quality, luxury, unique.

The frosted glass provides instant luxury, and is reminiscent of chilled drinks from the fridge - conveying refreshment and a ‘light drink’. The gold and yellow colour splashes are a union between honey and the elevated drink they produce.

The cork design brings an important organic touch, which shines through the bottle. Customised with bees, honeycomb and the iconic Loxwood stamp.