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An integrated campaign harnessing the power of influencers

+7% sales uplift from this integrated campaign that harnessed the power of influencers to target a completely new market segment.

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“Holy shit you are amazing, thank you”

Libby Andrews, Marketing Director, Pho

3 Mil. +

ad impressions to NEW users in the fitness space

The challenge

With health and veganism now mainstream and the whole restaurant industry expanding their offerings, we needed to conceive a campaign to make Pho the leaders in this space.

“Low calorie menus” no longer had an impact, our challenge was to cement them in the consumer's mind as synonymous with healthy eating and the fitness lifestyle.

The solution

Develop a sub-brand of Pho - Go Pho It - and partner up with a crew of fitness influencers to penetrate the fitness market. A slick website experience, a tonne of fresh +original content and highly targeted advertising resulted in a truly game changing campaign for the brand.

Powerful fitness influencers

Pho’s amazing in-house team recruited a crew of Go Pho It ambassadors, all in the professional health, fitness and wellness industries, with a combined reach of 850,000. By using influencers in the fitness space, rather than foodies, we were able to target a new market segment and position Pho to them as a perfect fit with their healthy lifestyle.

Each influencer starred in their own photoshoot and we produced social content just for them.

This unique content was powerful - and led to a high share rate across influencer platforms. As well as this, the deep partnerships formed mean they’ve become part of Pho’s story in a more authentic way, not just guns for hire.

A website designed for “search demand”

Central to the campaign was a series of landing pages, all based on search demand and optimised for conversions. People who searched for vegan or nutritional food - would find a page dedicated to that, whilst telling the Pho brand story.

The pages achieved a very strong 40% conversion rate, for main actions like menu views, bookings and restaurant location searches.

3 million +

ad impressions to NEW users in the fitness space


conversion rate


website visits - a record month for the brand


sales year on year (in a tough January)


positive sentiment