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Pacific Catch

Bringing to life the pacific flavors of a West Coast fish house

A fresh new website for California-based restaurant, Pacific Catch.

  • Websites

  • Branding & Strategy

  • Design & Animation

Taking users on a pacific flavor journey.

Born out of spirit of adventure, Pacific Catch is a West Coast Fish House dedicated to delivering high quality sustainable seafood, with 10 locations across California.

We combined the beauty of their pacific flavors with forward-thinking tech to create a new website built for the long term that brings their brand to life in the digital space.

Pacific flavors meet west-coast ocean breeze.

The Pacific flavors and the west-coast breeze are a match made in heaven, and our responsibility was to enhance this union, and translate it visually. We borrowed elements from the land and from the sea, blending them with bold colours and exciting photography.

Efficient, flexible page creations.

When we started working with Pacific Catch, we knew we had to create a beautiful website and bring their brand to life, but alongside that, one of the main objectives was to create a very flexible product, a powerful CMS that the client could play with and build whatever type of content they needed to, using the modules available.

This was a key aspect of the website, as it allowed them to build separated campaign pages, that can be used to promote different initiatives from the business, in conjunction with social media.

A focus on booking, deliveries and the flexibility to adapt. Future-proof.

The Pacific Catch website has been designed and built with the specific purpose of being future-proof. This approach has proven itself to be even more successful in the light of the most recents events that are hitting the hospitality industry very hard, due to COVID-19. The content driven and modular approach meant that our client was ready to face this challenge with the best possible tool, adapting the website fast and efficiently, changing CTAs and reorganising content whenever it was needed.