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What we do

Design & Animation

Cut-through creative

Creativity is one of our three Ignite cornerstones. It’s what enables us to have a real impact on your business. Rather than simply tell you what needs to be done, we make things happen by implementing strategy and technology in a creative way.

Whether it’s advertising concepts, game designs, app wireframes, advertising animation, website design or a new brand identity, our creative spark will power your communications to another level.

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Evolving brands for the digital world

Motion design, animation, video, pre and post production

Powerful concepts drive cut through creative, our design always has purpose

Experience design - brought to life with exciting animation

Function + beauty, powerful creative that sells your brand

Design with insight - user, marketing, data fuel our design decisions

Creative Team

Our in-house creative team are highly skilled in a range of creative applications. We can produce animations for advertising and to enhance communications. We create award-winning advertising copy and concepts that cut through the noise, attracting attention and engagement.

We develop brands with depth and meaning that will make your strategy a reality. Editing video, cut in graphics, 3D motion design or mix animation with video footage for truly extraordinary impact. Whatever your design or creative needs, our team can deliver everything you need.

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