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What we do

Games & Tech

Bespoke tech to supercharge your marketing

As well as our pre-built products and games we also produce bespoke solutions in response to specific client requirements.

We hold decades of experience developing technologies that solve real business problems.

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Multi-site web platforms with centralised CMS and multi-level user access

Integrations of websites, databases, CRM systems, apps, booking systems and EPOS

Apps that communicate with websites, centralising your customer-facing tech

E-Commerce facilities including table payment, shops and delivery systems

Interactive games to enhance marketing campaigns and help build customer databases

Loyalty systems that encourage repeat business

Integrated Technology

Integration of technology is a particular challenge that can make your business significantly more efficient if handled correctly. Particularly in hospitality, multiple systems are often required to communicate with each other to maximise their benefit.

Apps & Loyalty

Rewarding loyal customers to encourage repeat business is a tactic often underutilized due to the technological complications. We’re registered Apple & Google app developers and produce custom app solutions that produce elevated customer experiences and support your brand.

Get in touch to discuss your particular technology challenges and we can collaborate to find the best possible solution.

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