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It's time to truly embrace digital

If you’re thinking of investing in digital marketing, but not sure where to start, Ignite can help. Find out what tactics you should be using, how much you should spend and what results you can expect.

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Why there is no better time to invest in marketing

With uncertainty around restaurant closures and dented consumer confidence, there’s never been a more important time for hospitality businesses to be on the front foot. Marketing is a crucial investment, not a cost, and in turbulent times there is no better way to invest your money.

Ignite has practical digital marketing solutions which are proven to deliver tangible results and positive returns on investment.

"But where should I start and invest my time first?" Here's our guide to the 4 most effective places to start:

Performance Campaigns

Big results from small investments

With a tight focus on one specific objective and a strong core message, we can make your budget work hard.

Whether it’s a reopening campaign, new menu launch or Christmas, performance-focussed campaigns will deliver the results you need. With clear, measurable objectives you can deliver a demonstrable, positive Return On Ad Spend.

Advertising Campaigns

E-Commerce Advertising

Drive online product sales & grow revenue

Comprehensive e-commerce strategies.

Proven channels and tactics to drive traffic to your e-shop and convert browsers into buyers. With online transactions, you can open up new revenue streams and prove beyond doubt the value of your investment.

Digital Marketing

Best In Class Websites

Build a foundation for success

Award-winning websites that combine the latest designs with advanced conversion techniques and enhanced SEO visibility.

Websites that are more than a shop window; meticulously planned to give people reasons to visit and take action. Websites that deliver revenue to your business.


Games & Technology

Creative solutions to marketing problems

Innovative and fun online games - a different approach to new customer acquisition.

Recruit new users, generate leads and cover volume and deliver an unbelievable return on investment.

Games & Tech

Why work with Ignite?

20 Years' Experience

We’ve been in hospitality marketing for 20 years and understand the unique pressures of the industry.

A Competitive Advantage

Our unique blend of strategy, creativity and technology gives our clients the edge, see for yourself what they say about us.

Digital Specialists

Our specialist teams use precision techniques to reach the right people and make your investment work harder.

Smart Data & Tech

We use a wealth of data and insight gleaned over decades and millions of pounds invested over the years, to the benefit of our clients.

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