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Casale Panayiotis

Capturing the magic of an ancient Cypriot village’s transformation

Casale Panayiotis cascades down the Troodos mountainside in Cyprus, inviting guests to experience a tangible past now revived in a proud, Cypriot community. Our brand strategy, design and marketing brought this charming story to an international audience with great results.

  • Advertising Campaign

  • Digital Marketing

  • Branding & Strategy

“It was not my intention to start a business; it was to revive a village.”

John Papadouris spent decades working abroad, only to return to his beloved but neglected childhood village, Kalopanayiotis, in the Troodos mountains of Cyprus.

He decided to drive a restoration project to preserve the mountain culture and way of life. Now with 41 guest rooms in 7 houses across the village, as well as cafés and restaurants, villagers have been inspired to invest in their own community, restoring their homes and opening small businesses, preserving our mountain culture and way of life.

Discovery in the luxury market

Casale Panayiotis is for the luxury explorer, and the brand presents a vision of rustic luxury, of a traditional village with unique local experiences waiting to be discovered.

From a custom logotype inspired by Byzantine typography, to the copper foiling on raw materials for the in-room collateral – everything about the brand reflects a new type of luxury. A place where 5 star comforts sit in a traditional setting steeped in history and cultural depth.

A window into a different way of living

The website acts as a window into a different way of living, into a world removed from daily stresses. Importantly, it carefully weaves the narrative of the village into the core purpose of the site – selling luxury hotel rooms and guest experiences in a beautiful Cypriot setting.

Bringing the Casale Panayiotis experience to life with engaging, uniquely Cypriot creative

For foodies, for adventurers and for the curious — Casale Panayiotis offers guest experiences rooted in Cypriot history that appeal to every type of traveller. We focused on these groups to produce advertising creative that showcased the activities, from honey-making to mountain-biking, resulting in international mass appeal for this village destination.

Strategic SEO & PPC to reach an international audience

When we started working on Casale’s Digital strategy, we also focused on SEO. There was a lot of work to be done to better position the other Cypriot resorts, which have been in the market for quite some time. Despite this, in the first year we found those keywords that were worth betting on and since then we have dominated the results on search.


Website session from targeted countries


Revenue from international tourists in 2 years


Increase in reservations & revenue from targeted countries